Key Emerging Opportunities for Exporting To Latin America

Sustained economic growth is the key factor that makes Latin America a promising market for exports. The demand for improved infrastructure and education over the last decade has made it a potential market for businesses in these sectors.

Education, mining, water and infrastructure as well as the agribusiness – all of these are seen as great markets for trade with LATAM. Over the past few years, global trade has seen a significant rise. There have also been a lot of Latin America Trade Events and the global presence has been established for a number of businesses in these countries. Various resources for exporting help in Latin America have also been established. Overall, the global import and export scenario has given impetus to the growth of these nations as a whole.


In the education sector, student mobility and vocational education and training capacity building are seen as a great opportunity. Also, in the field of research, LATAM has seen great rise. Two way student exchanges between Latin America and the rest of the world are steadily increasing. With the economic rise that is consistently leading to a rise in the middle and upper middle classes in these countries, education and the entire infrastructure that goes along with it will see a definite growth.


Resources Equipment and Technology Services is a sector that has emerged as a key for global operations. RETS companies have a very strong presence in Santiago, Chile.

Latin America’s largest mining equipment show MinExpo was hosted in Chile in April 2014. It’s no wonder that these countries are presenting themselves as key markets for global businesses.

Water and Infrastructure

Water and infrastructure services exports are emerging as new opportunities for global businesses and Mexico is a hot market for such services. Among the recent activities in these areas of work are Mexico’s delegations to Victoria in May and June 2014 including the research arm from Mexico’s National Water Commission and key influencers and irrigators from Chile’s sixth region. There was also a delegation of 23 infrastructure companies to Chile and Brazil as long back as 2012. All this points to only one conclusion – Latin America has opened up great export opportunities.


The largest reserves of arable land are in Latin America. Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Mexico are all major agricultural producers. Some of the major areas of business opportunities lie in agricultural research, technology and production.

There are several opportunities available if you research these countries thoroughly. For example, Brazil offers opportunities in Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, Automotive, Aerospace and Airports and lots more. Chile presents opportunities in power generating machinery and equipment, industrial machinery and equipment, urban construction, energy and mining, luxury goods and agricultural machinery etc. Mexico is a dynamic economy with great opportunities in construction, manufacturing, transportation, telecoms, retail and automotive sectors. Columbia has opportunities in the areas of pharmaceuticals, industrial machinery, chemicals and beverages. Global businesses need to tap these resources and improve their imports and exports in these areas.